No. 1 Nutritional Standards

Solution No. 1      Nutritional & Food Quality Standards

The Standards

The DTES Kitchen Tables Project is:

  • Creating Nutritional & Food Quality Standards that can be adopted community wide by both DTES Residents and Organizations.
  • Making Nutritional & Food Quality Standards available to DTES Residents and Food Provider Organizations.
  • Employing a DTES Kitchen Tables Outreach Team to animate the Nutritional & Food Quality Standards through Street Theatre Performances and Food Jeopardy across the DTES to engage both Residents and Organizations in nutritional awareness and the Right to Food philosophy.
  • Further developing this DTES Kitchen Tables website which will serve as a communication and coordination hub for all DTES food related information.
  • The DTES Kitchen Tables Project is a
    program of the Potluck Cafe Society.
    The Potluck Café Society is a registered
    Canadian Charity CRA No. 896213402.
    For more information about Potluck,
    please visit our website at

  • DTES Kitchen Tables acknowledges and honours the fact that our community lies
    within the Traditional Territory of the
    Coast Salish people.