No. 3 Food Procurement

Solution No. 3      Food Procurement

The DTES Kitchen Tables Project is:

  • Creating a DTES Kitchen Tables Collective Procurement Mechanism that will:
  • Leverage collective purchasing power of existing DTES Food Providers that includes and benefits both Large and Small Food Provider Organizations.
  • Increase access to purchase low cost, quality fresh fruits, vegetables and proteins especially for small food provider organizations eg; Grade 2 fruit and vegetables.
  • Open up new, untapped purchasing channels to BC and Canadian farmers and growers
  • Creating a Food Donation Management Service that includes managing a Food Donation Database for DTES Food Provider Organizations that lists their food needs on a regular basis.
  • The above Database is matched with surplus, quality, food donations that arrive randomly to DTES Food Provider organizations that can be redistributed to other DTES Food Providers.
  • Contents and gaps within the Food Donation Database determine which categories of food donations the Project is required to solicit on behalf of all DTES Kitchen Tables collaborating organizations.
  • The DTES Kitchen Tables Project is a
    program of the Potluck Cafe Society.
    The Potluck Café Society is a registered
    Canadian Charity CRA No. 896213402.
    For more information about Potluck,
    please visit our website at

  • DTES Kitchen Tables acknowledges and honours the fact that our community lies
    within the Traditional Territory of the
    Coast Salish people.